2100Nondiscrimination and Student Rights
2110Equal Education Opportunity
2115Transgender Students
2120Students of Legal Age
2140Marital, Parental Status of Students
2150Searches by School Personnel
2160Interviews, Interrogation and Removal from School
2170Distribution of Noncurricular Publications bt Students
2180Pledge of Allegiance
2200Admission and Withdrawal
2210Entrance Age
2220Compulsory Attendance Age
2230Admission of Resident Students
2240Admission and Tuition - Non-resident Students
2245Transfer Students
2250Admission of Exchange Students
2255Disabled Students
2260Admission of Homeless Students
2270Admission of Migrant Students
2280Admission of Home Schooled Students
2290Student Withdrawal from School
2310Student Attendance
2315Student Attendance - Excused Absences
2320Part-time Attendance
2330Student Early Dismissal Procedures
2340Truancy and Educational Neglect
2400Student Educational Records
2410Health Information Records
2420Recording of Meetings
2520Promotion and Retention
2525Graduation Requirements
2526Constitution and American Civics Tests
2530Graduation Requirements - Students with Disabilities
2540Early Graduation
2550Dual Credit Scholarships
2610Misconduct and Disciplinary Consequences
2620Firearms and Weapons in School
2630Closed Campus
2640Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs
2641Drug-Free Schools
2650Student Vehicle Use
2651Student Dress
2652Student Conduct on Buses
2653Student Participation in Secret Organizations and Gangs
2654Student Use and Care of School Property
2656Student Cell Phone Usage
2661In-School Suspension
2664Enrollment or Return Following Suspension and/or Expulsion
2670Corporal Punishment
2671Student Disipline Hearings
2672Disipline of Students with Disabilities
2673Reporting of Violent Behavior
2710Reporting Student Abuse
2720Employments of Students/Work Certificate
2730Supervision of Students
2740Student Safety
2755Cardiovascular/Heimlich Training
2760Students in Foster Care
2770Seclusion and Restraint
2780Use of Tracking Devices
2785Student Suicide Awareness
Guidance and Counseling Services
Identification of At-Risk Students
2815Contact and Involvment with Outside Agencies
2816Outside Counseling Services
2820Psychological Testing of Students
2830Health Services
2835Consent to Medical Treatment and Educational Services
2840Student Accident Insurance
2850Inoculations of Students
2860Students with Communicable Diseases
2870Administering Medicines to Students
2875Student Allergy Prevention and Response
2880Student Physical Examination
2890Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
2910Student Publications
2920Interscholastic Activities and Athletics
2930Concussions - Brain Injury
2940Student Group Use of School Facilities